A little more about me

Nice to meet you, I'm
Dana Allen
UI/UX and graphic designer with a background in technology, marketing, and passion for user experience. With over three years of UI and UX design experience and more than eight years of professional work experience, I leverage my artistic ability, technical design skills, and psychology degree to cultivate a more profound perception of the user's reaction to designs and interaction with products.
My desire for clean user-centered designs sparked while working as the sole designer at a fast-paced tech startup. Working on projects centered around emerging technologies such as blockchain and cryptocurrency, I saw poor user experience negatively impact adoption. Witnessing this correlation between complicated design and failed projects inspired me to design simple interfaces focused on both the business and the user's end goal.
My Education
University of California, Los Angeles
Psychology Major, Entrepreneurship Minor
Design Lab
UX: Interaction Design
UI Design
Other Passions
Listening to live music, dance, adventuring outdoors, yoga, world travel, and photography.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Here are just a few of my favorite photos & places!
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